These are our House Rules

1.)     No one under 18 is allowed in the Bingo Hall, you must have a valid ID to play.


2.)     All bingo payouts are paid aggregately.  To determine the payout, divide the total pay by the number of winners.


3.)     You must use a dauber to daub your bingo cards.


4.)     You must have the last number called for your bingo to be valid.


5.)     You must be playing the right colored paper, the caller will announce the correct color at the beginning of each game.


6.)     You have to purchase at least 1 full-set ( Paper) at the window to be playing. Tabby machines and super Champs you MUST purchase 2 sets,v you can  not split packs.

Double action packets are 2 packs for $5.00 each person must play 2 packs, No splitting packets game payout is governed by the packet sales.

7.)     If you arrive after the session has started, all games that you have missed will be removed from your packs and there will be no discount on the buy in.


8.)     The monitor is for convenience only.


9.)     All wins are subject to verification.


10.)   There must be enough room for 4 people per table.


11.)   Payouts exceeding $1199 are subject to IRS regulations and you will have to fill out a W-2G from with a current valid ID and social security number before you get paid.


12.)   We make every effort to avoid placing duplicate cards into play, however, if duplicates occur, there will be no compensation offered for multiple winners.


13.)   Nampa Bingo has a ZERO tolerance policy for derogatory statements, or use of profanity and/or insults, at an individuals, or groups of individuals.  If this occurs, a customer may be asked to leave with no refund.


14.)   Pull-tabs must be cashed the day of purchase.  If they are brought back another day, that will be collected and not paid out.


15.)   No solicitation of any kind is allowed in the Bingo Hall.


16.)   Players can request, at any time, to inspect the bingo balls or machine.


17.)   When the caller closes a game, no other calls will be accepted as valid.


18.)   It is your responsibility to yell BINGO loud enough to stop the caller, and or Floor worker  If they don't  hear the bingo called and goes to the next number, it will be considered a sleeper and it will not be honored.  It is not the floor workers responsibility to yell bingo for the player, it is the players responsibility.
If you call Bingo the game will be stopped and verified.


19.)   Payouts are determined by sales at the window.  


20.)   We ask that you do not mark on the tables with glue sticks, daubers, or any other item, we make every effort to clean the tables at the end of each session.


21.)   We have the Right to Refuse Service to any individual.